The Joyriders


J.T. Grainger


Jamal and K.P. were just a couple of bored teenagers looking to have a little fun. Then, one Friday night, they "borrowed" a neighbor's car and found themselves thirty years in the future. Now, they'll need to do everything they can to get back to their own time. Can they do it? Or, will they be stuck forever? Only time will tell.

Young Adult ● Science Fiction ● Comedy/Adventure

Audio Episodes

Episode 2: That's What Sundays Are For!

Warning: Episodes may contain mature content and are not intended for young listeners.

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Episode 1: Where Will You Be 30 Years From Now?

For better or worse, Jamal and his classmates are forced to think about the future.

Song credits: Having Problems (Wormusic Remix) written & performed by Sub-One & Richard Cook. Produced by Richard Cook for Wormusic.

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Jamal and K.P. discuss the future as they look forward to the weekend.

Song credits: Who Are We? (BD!) written by Sub-One for Madd-Lab Productions. Performed by Junior Giants.