Night Sheen


J.T. Grainger

The First BLACK American Superhero

During the American Civil War Era, a young runaway slave named Nat Clayhorne suddenly finds himself endowed with miraculous superhuman abilities. The only question is: Now that he has them, how will he choose to use them?

Comics ● Historical Fiction ● Adventure

Audio Episodes

Episode 1: The Medicine

Episode 2: The Cabin

Warning: Episodes contain mature content and are not intended for young listeners.

Nat finds himself in a whole mess of trouble when The Overseer (William Cage) and Ol’ Doc Shepard hold him captive in a cabin in the woods.

Nat searches for a way to free himself from bondage. However, things soon take a turn for the worse.

Prefer to read along? Each episode is available on Kindle Vella. You can find them here.

Episode 3: The Runaway

Following a tragic event, Nat goes on the run to evade capture.

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